MusicDevelopments has announced version 3.6 of RapidComposer, the music prototyping and automated composition software.

The update features a new Piano Chord Pattern Generator, Strum Pattern Generator, and a chord voicing editor for the master track which makes editing/splitting/gluing/previewing chords extremely easy. Many other improvements are also included.

Changes in RapidComposer v3.6

  • New phrase generator: Piano Chord Pattern Generator.
  • New phrase generator: Strum Pattern Generator (and editor).
  • Chord Voicing Editor below the master track: editing/splitting/gluing/previewing chords has never been easier.
  • New rhythm processing options: Rotate, Humanize, Accents, Dotted Notes.
  • Phrases may have their own assigned chord and scale.
  • Slash/bass notes are displayed in the Quick Suggestion pop-up and Chord Palette.
  • Scales displayed that include all chord notes in the ‘Enter Chord From MIDI Keyboard’ window.
  • ‘Collect Scales For Selected Chords’ added in master track inspector.
  • UI cleanup in Schillinger’s Interference, triplet durations added.
  • Reworked phrase inspector UI (tabs added, rhythm processing options are collapsable).
  • ‘Recents’ and ‘Templates’ menus were reworked.
  • MIDI Import page can be reset, new vector graphics buttons added.
  • New option for Chord Generator to include the bass note in different octaves.
  • New setting: ‘Show ‘History’ For Phrases’ (disabled by default).
  • New setting: ‘Maximum Chord Font Size On Master Track’.
  • New setting: ‘Update Chord Slash Note When Voicing Is Set’ (enabled by default).
  • New setting: ‘Enable ‘lock to scale’ for all added phrases’.
  • New setting: ‘Number Of Past States Stored’ in undo history.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

RapidComposer is available at a 33% discount until December 31st during MusicDevelopments’ annual Holiday Sale.

More information: MusicDevelopments