MusicDevelopments has updated the RapidComposer music prototyping software to version 4.2.

RapidComposer is a unique, non-destructive, phrase-based music prototyping software designed for composers, song-writers and musicians of all musical styles. Available for Windows and macOS (standalone, VST, VST3, AU, AU MFX).

Changes in RapidComposer v4.2

  • Undo/redo arrows added to main composition, History tab removed.
  • Past ‘undo’ states can be stored in RAM or on disk. The default is in RAM.
  • Chord rules lock have been added to all chord rules settings. When unlocked, the rule automatically changes based on the scale (default)..
  • Sending MIDI Machine Control events is implemented (enable under Settings / MIDI).
  • New menu added when right-clicking on a master track scale/tempo/signature where scale/tempo/signature can be reviewed and edited for all levels (composition, part, line, local).
  • ‘Create Tone Row’ setting for chromatic progression generation (experimental setting, which must be enabled under Settings / Miscellaneous).
  • Double-clicking on horizontal or vertical scrollbars zooms out the view, another double-click restores the previous view.
  • Vertical scrollbar has magnifiers to allow zooming.
  • New Idea Tool track option: ‘Select Phrases From List In Random Order’.
  • Melody Generator UI improvements: ‘2nd Last Note’ menu added, Tonic, Step Above Tonic, Step Below Tonic added to ‘Last Note’ options.
  • ‘Render Motive With Variations’ added to Melody Editor menu.
  • ‘Change Chords According To New Scale’ option added to master track scale menu (Scale Inheritance) and other places.
  • Editing in Percussion Generator was reworked, it is snappier and more reliable.
  • ‘Preserve Phrase Order’ option added to Phrase Container, moving phrases up/down is possible.
  • Improved bar position editing is used in the Timeline Inspector, and in Loop Options.
  • Track vertical zoom is saved with the track.
  • [Plug-ins] RC VST3 plug-in displays input and output channel menu in Studio One.
  • [Plug-ins] RC VST3 plug-in offers 128 output channels (some DAWs may not handle all 128 channels).
  • [Plug-ins] Fixed preview (incoming notes sent to plug-in host).
  • Memory footprint reduced, memory and resource allocations optimized (lots of changes under the hood).
  • Stability improvements.

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More information: MusicDevelopments