Musicrow Golden Ensembles 2 - DigiFreak

Musicrow has released version 2.35 of Golden Ensembles, a collection of ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor.

All the ensembles in the pack were updated to be compatible with Reaktor v5.5.1. Golden Ensembles v2.35 also includes a new Reaktor ensemble: DigiFreak.

Digifreak takes the Lo-Fi sound to new extremes! This powerful synth combines digital wave-shaping, special sound degradation processes, granular synthesis techniques, and advanced Lo-Fi effects to produce crumble corrupted and disintegrated beautiful sounds, with an emphasized digital character.

DigiFreak features

  • A library with more than 100 disintegrated beautiful sounds.
  • Fresh digital flavor.
  • Extreme digital wave-shaping.
  • Special sound degradation tools.
  • Integrated granular synthesis techniques.
  • Advanced Lo-Fi effects.
  • Six envelopes and many modulation paths.
  • Special feedback-loop effect.

Golden Ensembles 2 (now including over 40 ensembles) is available to purchase for 89 EUR until December 15, 2010 (regular price 119 EUR).

More information: Musicrow / Golden Ensembles