Mutagene Anticode v0.9.8

Mutagene has updated Anticode (filtering/mangling effect) to v0.9.8.

Updated in v0.9.8

  • Skinable with skins loaded from XML file, fairly configurable
  • Configuration specified in XML file along with skin path
  • Loads old presets, but saves in new (forward-compatible?) XML-based format (so basically everything went XML with this version)
  • Midi CC map can be saved/to from configuration file
  • Minor graphic changes, optimizations

First time I tried v0.9.8 it crashed my system (in Cantabile Lite v1.2) after error messages about missing skin files. Second time I still got the error messages but the plug-in worked fine.

Visit Mutagene for more information and a link to download the latest version of Anticode.

Note: It seems the link to v0.9.8 isn’t on the website yet, so get it here.