MuTools has announced a major update to the MuLab music production studio software for Windows and macOS.

MuLab 9’s new features include a live clip matrix, modular composer, note action map, enhanced recording flexibility, and more. MuLab and MUX Modular Plugin have merged into a single uniform architecture.

This means that MuLab 9 App can now also function as a stand-alone synth or effect, even without composer. And it also means that MuLab 9 Plugin can now function as a DAW. Thanks to the enhanced modularity also any hybrid combination of composers / synths / effects is possible.

Both MuLab 9 App and MuLab 9 Plugin can open the same project files. This means you can make a project with MuLab 9 App and open it in MuLab 9 Plugin in another DAW, and vice versa.

The MuLab 9 App and MuLab 9 Plugin (VST) are available for purchase for 79 EUR and 78 EUR, respectively. The bundle of both is 119 EUR. Owners of previous version of MuLab and/or MUX Modular can upgrade at a discount.

More information: MuTools