Mystery Islands has announced the release of the JP-80×0 Hardware Editor Plug-in for Mac.

You ever wanted to control, automate & work with your JP-8000 / JP-8080 the way this modern world requires? Now it’s possible with our AU / VST plugin that allows you to get your Hardware into your modern DAW. We developed this plugin together with Arto Vaarala who’s long experience with coding made all this possible.

JP-80×0 editor features

  • Load in as an AudioUnit or VST for MAC (32 & 64 bit INTEL only!)
  • Edit both layers separately from single plugin window.
  • Link layers to edit both layers at the same time.
  • Scroll thru User Performances (U:11 – U:88) from Hardware.
  • Sends out all parameter values when you open up your project with the plugin or load a saved patch.
  • MIDI & SysEx transmission between the DAW and the Hardware (requires MIDI interface).
  • Patches saved within your daw are scrollable.
  • Load and Save banks to and from your HDD.
  • Edit almost every function of your JP. JP-8080 and JP-8000 incompatible parameters marked with **.
  • All important parameters can be automated.

The plugin is now available to purchase for Mac (VST/AU) for 49.95 EUR. Windows VSTi is scheduled for release in Q3, 2013.

More information: Mystery Islands / JP-80×0 Editor