Native Instruments announces partnership with Abbey Road


Native Instruments has announced a new cooperation with the legendary recording studio, Abbey Road.

The two companies will work together to produce a range of instruments that unite Abbey Road’s recording expertise with Native Instrument’s groundbreaking technology.

This video gives you a quick tour around the famous Abbey Road Studios, and reveals how its long history of meeting the ambitions of artists and engineers has produced a catalogue of classic recordings.

The instruments created from this collaboration will provide modern producers with access to ‘the Abbey Road sound’ across a range of instruments with the functionality that Native Instruments are renowned for.

A series of instruments are currently in development with the first product scheduled for release in January 2010.

More information: Native Instruments

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Kim Jasper
Kim Jasper

My guess is that they may actually want to play in the mixing/mastering space. AR and NI may very well leverage each others’ strengths bringing the AR skills, assets and gems to the market in higher volumes, at lower prices and with the effective packaging from and synergy with NI’s Kore2 and Komplete products. NI can get a nice mastering addition to their offering and will bring more value to AR doing so than if they partnered with e.g. IK Multimedia or izotope. There is a little more detail in my blog: