Native Instruments has launched a limited time sale on a range of inspiring music creation tools, developed in collaboration with Galaxy Instruments.

Save on a huge range of evocative sounds, including the distinctive tones of NOIRE, the filmic tension of THRILL, and the extraordinary timbres of PIANO COLORS. Choose from three instrument collections and get up to 70% off, or buy any individual instrument at half-price.

The offer includes:

  • Galaxy Suite 399 USD/EUR (Noire, Piano Colors, Una Corda, The Giant, Thrill, Mysteria, and Rise & Hit): From glorious, cinematic sweeps to rare, delicately recorded pianos, the Galaxy Suite delivers the full spectrum of sounds from the Galaxy Instruments range. Whether you’re adding sonic tension and impact to a movie score, or searching for the final layer of organic timbre in an electronic production, the beautifully intricate sounds in this collection do it all.
  • Piano Suite 199 USD/EUR (Noire, Piano Colors, Una Corda, The Giant): Four unique piano instruments are presented in this collection, including two created in collaboration with renowned electronic musician and pianist Nils Frahm. Unlock an amazing range of tones and textures, all meticulously recorded and equipped with a range of intuitive and advanced controls, including Galaxy Instruments’ groundbreaking Particles Engine.
  • Atmosphere Suite 299 USD/EUR (Thrill, Mysteria, and Rise & Hit): Spine-chilling ambiences, soaring transitions, and evolving textures, that let you dial in drama to your scores. From subtly complex, ethereal vocals to energetic waves of orchestral sound, the sounds of the Atmosphere Suite are custom-designed for adding emotion to big-screen soundtracks, game scores, sound installations, or live theater productions.

Individual instruments or 50% off, starting from 49.50 USD/EUR. The offer is valid until May 18th, 2022.

More information: Native Instruments