Native Instruments has launched Decoded Forms, a new Maschine Expansion pack featuring a collection of iconic drum breaks, meticulously recorded and reimagined for Maschine.

Decoded Forms was created in collaboration with dBridge and Kabuki, and features exclusive Massive and Monark presets designed for rich, melodic bass.

Native Instruments Decoded Forms feat

At the core of DECODED FORMS are four iconic drum breaks from the 70s, chosen for their contextual versatility. Each drum break was meticulously recorded to capture the flavor and sonic character of the original. After extending the original loops with improvised phrases, kits were created with each sound deconstructed, dissected, and dismantled into mix-and-match pieces. Additionally, spacey pads and warm chords give the expansion lush, atmospheric textures.

For 25 years, dBridge has been a driving force on the cutting edge of electronic music, known for his innovative approach to sound as a member of Future Forces Inc. and Bad Company, as a solo artist and DJ, and as the founder of Exit Records. Fellow drum and bass veteran Kabuki got his start in the projects Megashira and Makai, and as a solo artist his hip hop upbringing and playful approach to tempo seek to marry beats with soulful bass music.

For DECODED FORMS, dBridge compiled the drones and chords, while Kabuki focused on modular percussion and drum samples. Together they created a rich palette of breaks and grooves for producers of boom-bap, hip hop, and jungle to draw from. As founders of the New Forms party, dBridge and Kabuki are no strangers to pushing musical boundaries and blurring genre lines, and their deep, decades-long involvement in drum and bass, hip hop, and jungle gives them unique insight on the sounds in this expansion.

Decoded Forms features

  • Includes 42 Kits, 8 Projects, 33 Instruments.
  • 19 Massive presets.
  • 5 Monark patches.
  • 1 Reaktor Prism patch.
  • 26 Drum Synth patches.
  • 166 patterns in total.
  • Samples include 230 drums, 170 loops and 169 oneshots.
  • 339 MB content.

Decoded Forms for Maschine 2 software 2.6.8 or higher is available for 49 EUR/USD. A compact version for use with iMaschine 2 is available from the Expansions Store.

More information: Native Instruments / Decoded Forms