Native Instruments has launched a Maschine 2.6.8 software update, introducing a monophonic, internal bass synth exclusive to Maschine, and an isomorphic keyboard.

The new MASCHINE bass synth lets users design and shape rich bass tones with intuitive, fun, and fully-automatable controls directly from the hardware. Users will be able to morph seamlessly from sine to saw to square — and all spots in between – to create their own unique sounds. They can also load presets designed by professional sound designers to get bass tones for any genre, including booming sub-bass or dripping acid. MASCHINE JAM users can also program the signature glides and accents of classic acid directly from the hardware.

The bass synth does not replace popular products like MASSIVE and MONARK. Instead, it decreases the barrier of entry, allowing users with limited knowledge of synthesis to create beautiful bass tones using the workflow they know with the quality that comes with Native Instruments’ acclaimed DSP expertise.

MASCHINE 2.6.8 also introduces an isomorphic keyboard mode to easily play harmonies and melodies on the MASCHINE JAM 8×8 grid. In this mode, the notes on the keyboard are only the notes from the scale. Additionally, each chord has its own hand shape – regardless of key – so users don’t need to know musical theory to play with perfect pitch.
Plus, it’s easier to learn and play than on a traditional piano. Users can easily learn the shape for a chord in one key, and use the same shape in another. A chord guide is available as a free, downloadable PDF to help kickstart the learning process.

NI MASCHINE Bass Synth screenshot

Changes in Maschine 2.6.8

  • Added: Bass Synth, Maschine’s first internal synthesizer. You can find all important parameters for shaping your sound on the first parameter page. On the 2nd page you can find the glide parameter, which works especially well if you modulate it. On MASCHINE JAM the upper row of the PIANO ROLL allows to program glides similar to well known bass synthesizers with internal sequencer. This only works for the Bass Synth.
  • Added: Isomorphic keyboard layout for Maschine Jam. It is more intuitive and can be learned easily. Simply touch the encoder while in KEYBOARD mode and set the PAD LAYOUT parameter to “ISOMORPH”.
  • Fixed: Maschine crashed in rare cases while saving a project.
  • Fixed: Maschine Jam could freeze when switching instances while using the smart strips.
  • Fixed: Maschine Jam PERFORM FX potentially stayed engaged when changing group focus while using PERFORM FX.
  • Fixed: In some cases the Randomizer did not respect the set scale.
  • Known issue: Step modulation does not work as expected on certain integer parameters.
  • Known issue: Loading items with ENTER in the Browser Results List. When Maschine is hosted as a plug-in, it is not possible to load items from the Browser Results List using ENTER on the computer keyboard.
  • Known issue: The focus-follow is broken when mixing 32/64bit plugins. Maschine and Komplete Kontrol focus-follow features do not support combined 32bit/64bit plug-ins in a session. Both Maschine and Komplete Kontrol plug-in instances must be 64bit for the focus-follow features to work correctly.
  • Known issue: Resizing issues on dual screen. Reaktor window cannot be resized if Maschine is being used in a dual screen setup where the primary window is larger than the secondary window.
  • Known issue: Maschine cannot be installed on case-sensitive file systems.

The version 2.6.8 update is now available from Native Access, free for Maschine 2 owners.

More information: Native Instruments / Maschine 2