ndc Plugs releases BrushStrokes v1.00

ndc Plugs BrushStrokes

ndc Plugs has released BrushStrokes v1.00, a freeware audiovisual instrument with a drawing-based interface.

You play BrushStrokes simply by drawing. Gesture, sound and visuals are all very tightly linked.

Sound is generated in a manner similar to scanned synthesis, with two oscillators whose waveforms are obtained by scanning the x- and y-axis positions of the trail drawn by the user. The larger the gesture, the louder the sound, and vice-versa, when the mouse is not moving, no sound is generated.


  • MIDI notes change pitch of the audio
  • Mouse click freezes the motion of the brush (freezes the waveforms for the two oscillators)
  • Automation for the position of the brush, and whether it’s frozen
  • Automation is by way of recording your mouse movements

The ndc Plugs website shows a processing applet which demonstrates a slightly cut-down version of the visual part of the instrument.

Visit ndc Plugs for more information.

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