Isotonik Studios has announced he release of the Ned Rush FX Pack, a collection of 5 Max for Live devices.

The first release on our website was the Ned Rush Audio Collection, so it seems rather fitting that to coincide with us transferring our webstore over to a new ecommerce platform that we mark the occasion with the final update to the second part of the Audio Collection, Ned’s FX Pack!

Consisting of five MaxforLive Audio Devices, we think the line up is pretty solid!

FX Pack features

  • AUTOTUNE — Autotune is autotune on the cheap! If you really want the now timeless gimmick of robot tuning over your RnB hit, or if you simply want to experiment with tuning textures into drones to resample into epic pads and homemade synth tones, and can’t afford the real deal, then this MaxforLive device could be for you. You can tune to scales, or single notes, and the results are stunning. Tip! Stack them up in effects rack on separate chains to create rich soundscapes.
  • PSYCHEDELAY — Relive the 60s or go swimming in this glitchy acid wave of pitch shifting delays and smudgey reverbs as your sound flies away into a big sea of grainy clouds and psychedelic swoosh.
  • DIRTY ECHO — It’s Dirty, it’s an Echo, there’s not much to say on this one, it’s best to hear it in action!
  • WOBBLATRON — Wobble is still cool right? Sure it is, but this does more. Its not only a step sequencing multi filter which sequences not only the filter type, but also the modulation curve, its also a sampler.
  • GROWL — Growl is a autotuning, pitch tracking comb filter and sound generator with quantized note scaling.

The FX Pack is available for £25.99 GBP.

More information: Isotonik Studios / Ned RUSH FX Pack