Neocymatics has released its latest Kontakt instrument library Simulation Strings, a deeply innovative ensemble and solo string library that breathes a more scientific approach into the art of sampling.

The instrument allows you to control every possible aspect of each individual instrument in the ensemble.

Neocymatics Simulation Strings

This Project’s challenge was to create a highly expressive, flexible and customizable Sample Library that can deal with every possible Scenario, without sacrificing Sound Quality for Playability and Versatility. We wanted the best of both Worlds.

Simulation Strings is powered by our brand new engine that offers unparalleled control over every performance aspect and detail of each individual player in the Ensemble.
The inspirational User Interface is packed with a really long set of features, with the Sound Design capabilities being comparable to those of a powerful Synth.

Simulation Strings features

  • A palette of 30 articulations, which can be mixed & matched between the players.
  • A legato engine that continuously analyzes your performance and seamlessly morphs between adaptive Portamento, Slur, Accented Legato Or Re-bow.
  • Auto-Articulation system which decides the best articulation choice, based on playing speed, velocity and dynamics.
  • Phase-aligned dynamics, ranging from pp to ff
  • Intelligent timing, tuning & other performance-oriented humanization algorithms that can be tweaked on the fly.
  • Vibrato control (Speed & Intensity) for each individual player.
  • Auto-Divisi plus the ability to record each instrument separately.
  • True stereo reverberation engine with 3D Placement of each instrument inside the stereo panorama.
  • Big selection of spaces, ranging from small studio rooms to huge concert halls.
  • 360 Tone profiles for coloring each section’s sound that modify various characteristics of the sound (like sharpening/blurring the transients, dampening the bow noise or increasing the sound homogeny among each section). 40 of these profiles are sordino emulations.
  • Manage tone and bow noise levels separately, through a dedicated mixer console.
  • Microtuning functionality: choose from a big selection of Byzantine and Middle Eastern scales & maqams or build your own custom tunings.

Simulation Strings: Violins I & II is available now for 425 EUR. The upcoming Simulation Strings: Violas, Cellos & Basses is available for pre-order for 375 EUR and the Full Ensemble bundle is on early bird offer, priced at 625 EUR.

Previous Neocymatics customers receive a 50 EUR loyalty discount.

More information: Neocymatics