Neuenberger releases JellyFilter v2.0 alpha

Neuenberger JellyFilter v2.0 alpha

Neuenberger has released version 2.0 alpha of JellyFilter, a freeware lead synth which was developed with a Nord Lead in mind.

JellyFilter features

  • Polyphony / Timbrality: 4 voices per channel, 16 channels
  • Oscillators: 2 Oscillators with Controllable Unisono per Osc: Saw, Sine, Square, Pulse with PWM, Noise
  • Filter: 24dB LowPass and Bandpass with resonance, Highpass, envelope amount and cutoff, possibility for self-resonance (protect your ears)
  • Envelopes: ADSR for the Amplifier section, ADSR for the Filter section
  • Effects: Portamento, Distortion, FM OSC 2-> OSC 1, Sync Osc 1 to Osc 2
  • Modulation: Attack Decay Envelope: Either to FM amount or to OSC 2
  • LFO: to OSC 1+2, to OSC 2, to Filter, to PW

This is an alpha release so it still needs some work (mainly GUI and filter enhancement).

Visit Neuenberger for more information and a link to download JellyFilter v2.0 alpha.

Neuenburger also released TigerDelay (delay effect plugin, with 24dB Lowpass filter, delay sync and ducking) a while ago, so check that one out as well.

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Kathy And Dave
Kathy And Dave

Hi Ronnie,

was online looking around and saw your name. Just want to say hi! Hope all is well with you.

Take care!