New Loops has introduced a new sound pack for the recent Kult software synthesizer from Dawesome / Tracktion.

Kult Leader delivers 100 presets with a wide selection of usable sounds that will fit into many styles of music.

We’ve stayed away from experimental and obscure sounds to focus on more solid “bread and butter” presets that will work in real music. You’ll find huge, expansive pads and drones; beautiful synth keys; organic strings; cutting leads; modern basses; inspiring arpeggios and sequences; and more.

Each patch has been carefully level-matched to avoid clipping and is categorised by type using prefixes. All patches have the mod wheel assigned, and most have aftertouch and react to velocity for expressive playing. These Kult presets are dynamic and alive with the careful use of effects.

Whether you’re looking for ambient pads, cinematic keys, pop plucks, or EDM leads, you’re sure to find something here. These Kult presets will be suitable for many styles, including downtempo and ambient, electronic soundtracks, cinematic music, as well as EDM, house, trance, techno, and much more.

The soundset is on sale for the introductory price of £17.49 GBP through February 28th, 2023 (regular £24.99 GBP).

More information: New Loops