VST Alarm has launched a limited time sale on New Nation Audio’s Blended Plugin Bundle, a collection of 4 creative instruments with nearly 200 combined multi-sampled instruments.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of creativity as the Tetrad Blended Series fuses the warmth of analog gear, the versatility of digital synthesis, and the organic essence of live recordings. From lush pads to vibrant melodic instruments, this series unlocks the potential for captivating soundscapes with depth and an unmistakable modern edge.

Complementing this is Natura Analog, inviting you to step into a sonic realm where vintage analog textures capture the essence of a natural setting. Craft organic soundscapes and expressive melodies that embrace the synergy between analog recordings and modern music production, discovering a new level of sonic richness.

The bundle is on sale for $14.95 USD until February 7th, 2024.

More information: VST Alarm