New Sonic Arts has announced an update to the Freestyle VST host software that lets you split, layer and combine your VST instruments and FX.

Version 1.6513 includes many improvements and fixes, including native Apple Silicon support. In order to support the macOS Universal Binary format, it was necessary to update the AU version. As a result the AU Component has been renamed to ‘Freestyle AU’.

Changes in Freestyle v1.6513

  • macOS: Universal Binary / support for Apple Silicon.
  • Added Horizontal Structure View.
  • Duplicate now available on multiple selection.
  • Floating Edit View now has scrollbars when needed.
  • Recent files feature added to the main menu (under Open).
  • Project tempo is preserved when changing snapshots.
  • Rack/Strip: add FX now inserted after focus when possible.
  • Bypass now available on Groups.
  • Esc key now deselects focused module or navigates to parent Group.
  • Windows/ASIO: Added open Control Panel button.
  • Unassigned Macros are now potis rather than buttons.
  • Various misc UI and layout tweaks.
  • General keyboard input/focus tweaks
  • macOS: fullscreen mode UI would disappear after cmd+tab.
  • Fixed an undo related crash bug.
  • Some plugin windows could get ‘stuck’ when changing snaps.
  • Fixed an Event Player issue with Nuance (drum names could be displayed on the wrong note).
  • Plugin Browser: internal modules could not be marked as favourite.
  • Workaround a crash in some Kilohearts VST’s.
  • Automation assignments did not recall in some hosts.
  • Host song position sync could be offset by some samples.
  • Added a workaround for certain plugins that don’t report a view size.
  • VST version: MIDI CC output was not working.
  • VST3 hosting: added support for MIDI PitchBend and ModWheel input.
  • VST3 hosting: added support for MIDI note output.
  • VST3 hosting: fixed some plugins where editing plugin parameters would not affect sound or update.
  • VST3 hosting: fixed some plugins would not respond to Macro assignments.
  • Fixed a bug with the selection rectangle in rack/strip view.

In celebration of the update, Freestyle for Windows and Mac is offered at a 25% discount. It’s priced £79 GBP instead of £109 GBP through September 30th, 2022.

More information: New Sonic Arts