New Sound Lab has launched a Black Friday Sale, offering 35% off all its SFX libraries for a limited time.

New Sound Lab, founded in 2010 by Tor Johnson, is an independent sound library site for sound designers. The site offers high resolution sound effects (up to 192khz) for film, music, games and other multimedia applications.

New Sound Lab libraries

  • NSL001 Space Echo 201 features recordings of the classic 1970’s era Roland Space Echo RE-201 captured in high resolution audio.
  • NSL002 LAX Aircraft features descending aircraft flyovers at Los Angeles International Airport. One unique aspect of LAX is that it’s nestled in the city, making it easy to stand directly under very low flying airplanes to capture a great sound.
  • NSL003 Rock Slides includes 57 recordings of various small rock, pebble, and other debris slides.
  • NSL004 San Antonio Creek features 32 recordings of the remote San Antonio creek located in the Angeles National Forest. The creek morphs from almost a trickle at 8,000 feet to a large waterfall below, allowing for a wide range of moving water sounds to be captured.
  • NSL005 Pacific Ocean features recordings of the Pacific Ocean at various locations along the beach within Refugio State Park. The incoming waves collide with large rock formations, creating great wave impacts and rushing water through small channels and hollow rocks.
  • NSL006 Chorus Echo 501 features 217 sounds processed by a mint condition Chorus Echo RE-501, including metal impacts, church bells, chainsaws, voices, and water. In addition, self-oscillation sounds from the RE-501 are included.
  • NSL007 Hybrid Electric Car features a collection of exterior and interior sounds from a 2007 Toyota Prius. A majority of the recording was conducted at El Mirage Lake, a six mile long dry lake bed in the Mojave Desert, 90 miles north of Los Angeles.
  • NSL008 Hard Drives features recordings of four hard disk drives (3.5 inch – 5400 & 7200 RPM). All essential hard drive sounds are included (boot up, read/write/copy/delete, power down) that will work great for general computer sounds and ambience.
  • NSL009 Spring Reverb features recordings created using a “Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer”, a boutique spring reverb effects unit where three reverb springs are exposed, allowing them to be hit, played, and manipulated in real time.
  • NSL010 Optical Drives features recordings of computer optical disc drives (two internal desktop CD/DVD-R and one internal laptop slim CD/DVD-R slot-load).
  • NSL011 L.A. Freeways captures the traffic ambience on the massive freeways that run through the Greater L.A. area.
  • NSL012 Floppy Drives features recordings of seven computer disk drives: two 3.5″ floppy drives, one 5.25″ floppy drive, three Zip drives, and one SuperDisk drive.
  • NSL013 3D Printer features recordings from a Printrbot 3D printer with four NEMA 14 stepper motors.
  • NSL014 Wheels & Gears features a collection of bicycle tire, freewheel, gear and chain recordings. Two bike models were recorded: A Specialized Carve Expert (mountain bike) and a Bianchi Campione (city/road bike).

The sale ends November 28th, 2016.

More information: New Sound Lab