New Sound Lab has announced the release of NSL013 3D Printer, a sound fx sample library featuring recordings from a Printrbot 3D printer with four NEMA 14 stepper motors.

The high torque motors connected to a pulley system control the X-Y-Z movements of the aluminum extruder and metal print bed. When printing three-dimensional objects, these fast and precise movements result in a unique barrage of percussive and rhythmic mechanical noise.

These sounds were captured using three different recording setups: Barcus Berry contact mics, RF coils, and combined contact mic / RF coil into a Sound Devices 702 recorder. The resulting sounds are a mix of grainy, gritty atonal patterns, robotic percussive bleeps, glitchy digital beeps/clicks, low fidelity drones, and chaotic noise. Both raw recordings, and processed elements are included and ready for further sound manipulation.

All sounds in this release are offered in 24bit 192khz Broadcast Wave format. Files are in a zip file, which includes a PDF with metadata.

The sample library is available for purchase at an introductory 20% discount until January 1st, 2015.

More information: New Sound Lab / NSL013 3D Printer