New Sound Lab has launched Optical Drives, a sound fx sample library featuring the sounds of optical drives.

NSL10 Optical Drives

This library features recordings of computer optical disc drives (two internal desktop CD/DVD-R and one internal laptop slim CD/DVD-R slot-load).
Two induction coil pickups were used to record the electromagnetic fields emitted by the drives, capturing a very unique set of sounds and textures. These range from sharp percussive bleeps, glitchy static and noise, to electromechanical motor sounds, and drones. You’ll find use for many applications, including UI interface design, transitions, sci-fi, robot/servo sounds, technology, and computer sound effects.

Recordings include all functions of the DVD drives, e.g. disc loading, reading, writing/burning, spin up/down, errors, and disc ejecting. Also, each drive was taken apart and manipulated to create additional sounds. The signal chain for this library consists of a pair of induction coil pickups, Barcus Berry 4000XL preamps, and a Sound Devices 702.

NSL10 Optical Drives features

  • 96 Broadcast Wave files at 24bit – 192khz (75 mono / 21 stereo).
  • Library size is 3.0GB.
  • All files are organized and tagged with metadata, compatible with Pro Tools, Audiofinder, Soundminer and other sound library management software.
  • Metadata PDF included.

The sample library costs $40 USD.

More information: New Sound Lab / Optical Drives