LFO Store has announced the release of some new soundsets for two Korg synthesizers and the Juno-60 Plugout synth of Roland’s System 8.

Dark Analog

The Dark Analog collection features 128 organic presets for the R3 synthesizer vocoder from Korg.

It includes classic emulations, deep basses, ambient and cosmic pads, drones and soundscapes, arpeggios, step sequences, bells and plucks, analog leads and FM sounds.

Many people are thinking that R3 is younger brother of flagship’s Radias. We’d like to show that this little black beast having its own spirit.

Actually from the series of portable Korg synths MicroKorg,XL, R3 – we love R3 the most & suggest it for any synth enthusiast!

Dark Analog is available for $25 USD.

Analog Dreams

Users of Korg’s Wavestate wave sequencing synthesizer can expand their sound collection of 40 performances of Analog Dreams.

We continue Wavestate soundsets series & now is the time for Analog & Vintage Sounds! y Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation & Anton Sacral Reason author “Stratosphere” for Wavestate.

40 performances ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity. Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

The pack includes leads, basses, arps, sequences, polysynth sounds, pads, strings, plucks and iconic synth sounds. Analog Dreams costs $15 USD.

Cinematic Spirit

Lastly, the Cinematic Spirit soundset brings 64 cinematic presets for Juno-60 Plugout for Roland’s System-8 and Roland Cloud.

Sys-8 is a great machine capable to produce so many great colors and movements, atmos & truly organic structures. “Cinematic Spirit” contains great authentic reproduction of classic Roland Juno sounds among with modern timbres, thanks to System-8 engine!

We made many great sounds & arps to show possibilities of dream machine & its hidden treasures we found during exploring. You will find here silky & beauty plucks with unusual modulation, deep & detuned leads, many atmospheric pads & strings, unusual arpeggios & sequences, famous polyphonic sounds & massive basses & many more. Even Kraftwerk – “Robots” Sequence is here!

The Cinematic Spirit soundset is compatible with both the hardware and software version. It is on sale for $15 USD for a limited time (regular $20 USD).

More information: LFO Store