NickFever Sustenance for Zebra 2

NickFever has announced the release of Sustenance, a collection of 190 presets for the Zebra 2 synthesizer plug-in by u-he.

This soundpack was designed with intent to keep you in the “creative mindset.”

Even for people who don’t like presets, we’ve used the X/Y performance tool to shape sounds so that you may achieve a more unique sound! There are 190 Zebra 2 presets in all.

Sustenance features

  • 43 Basses.
  • 73 Leads.
  • 51 Pads.
  • 23 Plucks.
  • 1 Kick Designer.
  • Made with Zebra 2.7.
  • Additional Waveforms.

The soundset is available for purchase for $35 USD. For a limited time, use coupon INTRO-SUSTENANCE at checkout to get 30% off.

More information: NickFever / Sustenance