has announced the release of two video tutorial series for users of Ableton Live.

The first series, Sound Design and Creative Audio Manipulation in Ableton Live, is a 5 hour course aimed at taking the Live user through a comprehensive set of exotic techniques for creating custom sounds from the ground up.

Examples of the techniques covered are creating a pseudo-wavetable synth out of a sampler, as well as transforming tiny samples into huge drums and atmospheric sounds through parameter modulation.

Nick's Tutorials for Ableton Live

The second series, Sampling and Slicing in Ableton Live, is a 2 hour course on transitioning/developing a sample-based music workflow in Live.

The series starts with the task of properly routing your turntable or other audio source into Live, moves through recording and chopping your samples, and goes all the way to creatively layering and manipulating your slices to get bigger and better sounds.

“Sound Design and Creative Audio Manipulation in Ableton Live” is available for download for $37 USD, but you can get an hour and a half for $7 (and have the option to purchase the rest of the series if you so choose). “Sampling and Slicing in Ableton Live” is available for download for $25 USD.

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to the video downloads as well as streaming versions of all of the videos to watch while downloading. Also note that there is a sale happening right now where both series can be purchased together for $50, a 20% discount.

Visit for more information, including links to free sound design videos and a newsletter which features tips and tricks as well as special offers.