Nomad Factory Blue Tubes - Valve Driver ADR2S

Nomad Factory has announced the Blue Tubes V3 Plug-Ins Suite, a collection of 18 effect plug-ins available for individual purchase.

Nomad Factory announces the release of the Blue Tubes Plug-Ins Suite, a suite of eighteen plug-ins processors that were until now only available as bundled version, the bundled plug-ins are now also available as individual processor for Mac and PC.

Blue Tubes V3 Plug-Ins Suite

  • BrickWall BW2S, a simple and elegant brick wall compressor/limiter.
  • Compressor CP2S, emulates analog tube compressors in terms of looks, functions and sound including RMS and Peak compressions.
  • DeEsser DS2S, a stereo deesser with vintage controls and sound.
  • Compressor FA770, provides the operation and sound of highly coveted analog compressors.
  • ExpanderGate GX622, fully-adjustable gate/expander.
  • Limiter LM2S, an easy-to-use tube emulation limiter.
  • Analog Chorus CH2S, creates various types of classic modulation effects, such as Leslie, Chorus, and Auto-pan.
  • Analog Phaser APH2S, designed with all of the characteristics of a vintage analog phaser.
  • Oilcan Echo TLE2S, delivers the classic analog sound of a tape less oilcan echo/delay.
  • Tempo Delay DL3D, a tempo-driven delay effect with a classic analog sound.
  • Stereo Imager ST2S, provides precise control over the width of the stereo field.
  • ValveDriver ADR2S, delivers that authentic saturation effect found in many vintage tube amplifiers.
  • Equalizer BQ2S, delivers that authentic saturation effect found in many vintage tube amplifiers.
  • Equalizer BX2S, a two band Baxandall tone controls, which is simple but very effective.
  • Equalizer GEQ12, 12 EQ bands, adjustable Q and brick-wall Limiter circuit at the output.
  • Equalizer PEQ2B, recreates the sound of the classic 60’s EQ.
  • Equalizer PEQ5B, delivers the controls and the amazing results of a true analog EQs.
  • Equalizer PEQ322, 3 parametric bands with center frequency, bandwidth-Q and amplitude controls, high-pass and low-pass filters as well as low-shelf and high-shelf filters.

Blue Tubes individual plug-ins are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for $89 USD each. The Blue Tubes bundled versions are still available for purchase as well.

More information: Nomad Factory