Normal Sounds has released Normal 909, the most detailed 909 sample library ever created.

Normal Sounds Normal-909

With over 68000 24bit 96kHz samples this is, in July 2011, the most detailed library of 909 samples ever created.

The goal was to create a sample library with enough knob-positions to capture the full range of sounds from each drum, round robin samples for the analog drums that sound slightly different each time they are played, and velocity layers because the sounds change with velocity.

All of these samples are put together into EXS24 and Kontakt programs to give you something that hopefully not only sounds great but is also fun and easy to use.

Normal 909 is available to purchase for $90 USD. A “half version” is $55 USD. This includes all the samples recorded from the individual outputs at normal velocity levels, but does not have the master output samples, quiet samples, trigger and tape output samples.

More information: Normal Sounds