NOVAkILL has released ANGSTkILLERmini, a freeware synth plug-in for Windows PC.

ANGSTkILLERmini is built around a simple FM oscillator with a hidden “modulator”, which uses a Sine wave to modulate the phase of the main oscillator, or “carrier”. It is very simple to use, yet capable of a surprising range of usable timbres. This is one of the best little killerz of all time!


NOVAkILL ANGSTkILLERmini – quality in a simple-to-use format

ANGSTkILLERmini is the first of a new range built on the XE Platform.

From the NOVAkiLL site:

The latest evolution is the new XE Platform, which forms the basis of the most diverse range of killerz ever. All instruments share the same basic architecture and are differentiated by using different oscillators, from high-quality virtual-analogue, through FM and additive synthesis. Once you learn how to get around any one instrument in the range the others will instantly make sense, allowing the user to get the most out of each of them.

All instruments feature:

  • an updated X-Filter,
  • a beefed up tempo-synced LFO with 19 waveforms,
  • a 6-point modulation envelope,
  • a traditional ADSR VCA envelope,
  • powerful Unison mode,
  • Mono/Poly operation,
  • a revised Gate effect,
  • a great sounding overdrive.

The new user-interface feature precision editing via numeric display of most values, expanded use of X-Y Pads and large, pop-up windows for editing each envelope.

NOVAkILL’s VST page already shows some other plug-ins, including COLDkILLERmini, the first NOVAkILL additive synth.

These mini versions all feature a single oscillator and one LFO and the routing is somewhat limited. The full versions (which will be available exclusively on NOVAkILL’s next album, later in the year) will feature multiple oscillators, two LFO and a full mod matrix.

Visit NOVAkILL for more information.