NOVAkILL has updated GODkILLER to version 2. It is a versatile V/A synth that looks quite simular to EGOkILLER.

The new version has two oscillators with sync and Hard Sync. It also has two graphical ADSR envelopes and a comprehensive LFO featuring 16 different waveforms. Overdrive and LFO destinations can be controlled by a Modulation Wheel on a MIDI keyboard controller.


  • 2 Standard SE Oscillators, each with 7 different waveforms
  • Polyphonic Unison
  • Mixable Low-Pass [12dB or 24dB/octave switchable] and band Reject filters
  • Graphical ADSR Envelopes
  • Custom tempo-synced LFO featuring 16 shapes and frequency up to 16 bars
  • Overdrive effect
  • MIDI automation

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