NOVAkILL has released NOVAkILLER, a freeware FM synth VST plug-in for Windows PC.

From the manual:

NOVAkILLER is something of a one-off instrument to celebrate NOVAkILL’s new ORION skin, NOVA-III. Like ANGSTkILLERmini, it has a hidden oscillator which is used to modulate the main oscillator to produce both FM and Hard Sync sounds. It is 16 note polyphonic and also features a Low-Pass Filter, tempo-sync’ed LFO, two ADSR Envelopes and overdrive.

NOVAkILLER features

  • Oscillator: 5 waveforms, PW, PWM, FM envelope and velocity modulation depth, Unison Spread, Hard sync, FM On/Off, FM Modulation Wheel control, octave, Unison.
  • Modulation envelope: ADSR, Linear, Convex, Concave and “S” Curve interpolation between curves.
  • Filter: Cutoff/Resonance, envelope and velocity modulation depth, Invert, 12 to 24dB/Octave, Cutoff Modulation Wheel control.
  • LFO – Low Frequency Oscillator: Delay modulation onset, PWM, Sync, FM, cutoff (+Invert) and stereo pan modulation depth, LFO Waveform selection, Tempo-sync’ed LFO frequency [1/16th Note to 16 Bars]
  • VCA – Voltage Controlled Amplifier: ADSR, Volume, Velocity, Portamento time, Overdrive Wet/Dry mix, Poly/Monophonic switch, retrigger, two wide controls.

Visit NOVAkILL for more information and a link to download NOVAkILLER.