Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on two synthesizer instruments by Novation.

The V-Station is a polyphonic soft-synth for Mac and PC. It has the same real 3-oscillator flexibility as the award winning K-Station, with powerful filters, 8-voice polyphony, simultaneous Novation FX.

Novation V-Station

Programming V-Station is simple, because all the primary controls are on the main screen. Simply recall a named factory preset, tweak it and instantly save it in any of the 400 program locations.

Bass Station brings the sounds of the hardware synth that was originally launched in 1993.

Novation Bass Station

Bass Station’s flexible DCO oscillators and warm analogue signal path defined countless dance and electronic hits. Now a classic, its iconic sound is available as a software plug-in, carefully modelled to faithfully recreate the sounds of a monophonic, dual-oscillator analogue synthesiser.

From deep fat bass sounds to clean screaming leads, this mix of 100 classic original and stunning new sounds create the warmth and resonance missing in today’s modern digital synths.

The plugins are on sale for $9 USD each, or together in an exclusive bundle for only $12 USD. The offer expires March 2nd, 2020.

More information: Plugin Boutique