Magnetica Studio has announced the release of Ambience Enhancer Standard, a sound field adjustment plugin designed for 3D audio production that allows users to freely control ambience components.

A higher-level version of the free already available Lite version, the Standard edition supports up to 24 channels of multi-channel input/output.

NovoNotes’ new Ambience Enhancer Standard delivers a deeper, rounder, more natural sound to recordings that incorporate natural room acoustics. By enabling enhancement of the room acoustics before adding artificial reverb, it prevents the unwanted side-effect of reverb being added to already existing reverberation.

The Ambience Enhancer analyzes the incoming audio and decomposes it into ambient and direct sound. By adjusting various parameters such as gain, filter, delay, etc., you can precisely control the ambient sound. When combined with 3DX, the new plug-in helps you to instantly create the perfect upmix or downmix. You can also use it to effectively blend stereo material into surround music.

Ambience Enhancer Standard for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX) is available at an intro price of $58 USD until October 31st, 2022 (regular $68 USD).

In addition to the perpetual license, a 30-day license is newly available for the Standard version for subscription-type operations or for one-time use in events and projects.

More information: NovoNotes