NTS Audio Drum Loop

NTS Audio has released Drum Loop, a VST instrument aimed at professional DJs and producers.

Drum Loop instantly generates 100 “state of the art”, “kick sidechain compressed” and “full of groovy” Dance Drum loops and saves them as wave files in one shot. It is especially suited for Minimal Techno House, Deep Tech, Techno and House.

Drum Loops features

  • One mouse click to generate 100 groovy drum loops (Every key of the MIDI keyboard will be filled with a loop).
  • Kick Side-chained Compressed Output. With special and new concept customization features.
  • Automated EXPORT on wave file (from 4 to 128 beats) of all 100 loops in one shot. Generate thousands of fresh royalty free and groovy drum loops in minutes with the automated exportation of all generated loops feature. All live user movements during exportation are saved too.
  • 4 types of automated wave loop exportation: the user can maintain the main groove and change only the base sounds (kick-hats-claps) or can keep the base sounds and change the groove; or can change both; or can keep both (useful to generate all the variations around a selected groove).
  • Manual EXPORT on wave file of the single loop selected also available.
  • BPM or Host Synchronization.
  • Live Playable.
  • Import wave files on all channels inside.
  • Swing/Groove.
  • Kick Drum Booster and Distortion.
  • Sample Start and Sample End for all base sounds (kick-snare-clap-hat) permit, for example, easy creation of “state of the art” drum kicks.
  • MIDI recognition for external MIDI controllers.
  • Main Filter (8 poles; super resonant).
  • Documentation in place on the module. Just click on the module labels.
  • VU Meter.

Drum Loop is available as a standalone and VST instrument for Windows PC for 99 EUR. A standalone demo version is available for download here.

Visit NTS Audio for more information and audio demos.