NTS Audio Virtual Dance Producer

NTS Audio has released version 1.6 of Virtual Dance Producer, a virtual instrument capable of instantly generating dance music.

Instantly generate complete Dance music parts- Drum loops – Groove loops – Bottom loops – Bass lines – Sinth lines – Remixes – Hats lines.. play Live thousands of freshly and royalty free dance loops/parts!! or save 100 of them to wave files with a click. The fastest way to produce dance music and a new concept for Live sessions.

Changes in Virtual Dance Producer v1.6

  • Automated Export on wave file (from 4 to 128 beats) of all 100 loops in a shot. All live user movements during export are saved too.
  • 4 types of automated wave loop export. The user can maintain the main groove and change only the base sounds (kick-hats-claps) or can keep the base sounds and change the groove, or can change both, or can keep both (useful to generate all the variations around a selected groove).
  • Manual Export on wave file of the single loop selected also available.
  • BPM or Host Synchronization.
  • Sample Start and Sample End for all helpers sounds (kick-snareclap-hat-bass) permit, for example, easy creation of drum kicks.

Virtual Dance Producer is available for Windows PC (VST/Standalone) for 139 EUR.

Visit NTS Audio for more information.