Tone Kitchn has followed up its initial batch of sample packs with three more collections.

Nu School RnB contains everything you need to craft a next generation soulful beat.

Tone Kitchn  Nu School RnB

With over 350 MB of content included, Nu School RnB draws from a decades long tradition of gorgeous chord progressions, intriguing melodies and salacious guitar riffs to bring you something clearly cut from the RnB cloth; yet you’ll discover pitched vocals, trap-infused 808 drums, future synths and booming sub basses within, ensuring your studio sessions are peppered with an up-to-date sonic palette that will bring new energy to your creations.

Future Soul is an expansive, beautiful and musically complex collection that aims to serve as a consistent vein of inspiration to draw from in your soulful compositions.

Tone Kitchn Future Soul

Future Soul, the sixth instalment from Tone Kitchn, combines thick, textural musical timbres with snappy rhythmic elements and loose, funk-driven grooves, achieving a visionary sound palette that is reminiscent of Kaytranada, Pomo and Young Franco.

You’ll hear gorgeous synthesis, inspirational key chords, grooving electric guitars, phat low-end bass and steady four-to-the-floor drum patterns, perfect for working up infectious energy in your music.

Lastly, Future Afrobeat blends a futuristic production style and sound palette with the timeless sound of afrobeat rhythms.

Tone Kitchn Future Afrobeat

Future Afrobeat comes packed with 250 MB worth of soulful flavours for your arrangements. Staple features of the afrobeat sound are included in abundance, with complex percussion and drum parts primed for designing interesting rhythm sections.

You’ll hear evocative keys, guitars, vocals and synths that will keep you melodically inspired for time to come, and all can be underpinned with the included beautiful resonant bass. You can add the final touches to your mix with the subtle-yet-effective SFX work within, too!

The sample packs are available from Loopmasters for £17.95 GBP each.

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