Nucleus SoundLab SoundCell FREE

Nucleus SoundLab has released SoundCell FREE, a free taste of what the SoundCell series is all about.

SoundCell FREE is a promo for the entire SoundCell Trilogy.

SoundCell FREE consists of

  • 200mb (32-bit format) of royalty-free samples – a portion from each commercial SoundCell
  • 14 soundsets in both Wusikstation and Soundfont formats
  • $5 discount voucher for the full 2.5gb and 1000+ presets of SoundCell Trilogy!
    SoundCell FREE isn’t just for new customers. Two soundsets included are exclusive to SC FREE, so even those who already own all SoundCells should download it!

To download SoundCell FREE you will need to sign up at Nucleus SoundLab to receive a confirmation email with a link to download SoundCell FREE.