Nugen Audio Stereopack sale
Nugen Audio Monofilter

Nugen Audio Stereoplacer

NUGEN Audio has announced a sale on its Stereopack plugins, offering a 25% discount for a limited time only.

NUGEN Audio is offering 25% off Stereopack, which includes three plug-ins for stereo enhancement and control:

  • Stereoizer — A stereo widening plug-in with a clear difference: Your mix will still sound great in mono.
  • Monofilter — Mono Space for your Bass. Anchor the power of your bass for the tightest mix.
  • Stereoplacer — 21st Century Pan control. Precise stereo-positioning that takes you beyond the traditional mix setup.

The Stereopack bundle and all 3 individual plug-ins are 25% off until March 31st, 2016. A free 3 week demo is available.

More information: NUGEN Audio / Stereopack plugins