NUGEN Audio has updated its Loudness Toolkit to version 2.5, a maintenance update that includes numerous additional features and presets keeping you right up to date with today’s evolving loudness standards.

The Loudness Toolkit includes VisLM 2, LM Correct 2, and ISL 2.

NUGEN Audio Loudness Toolkit

With the NEW VisLM version 2.5 you’ll be ready for all the latest global industry specifications such as, ITU-R B.S. 1770-4 support for 7.1 surround, Leq(a) loudness measurement and all other major international delivery specs.

VisLM-H 2 brings unprecedented efficiency to your loudness workflow through ReMEM, which recalculates program loudness on-the-fly while you work. Get the confidence and peace of mind that comes through using an industry standard meter.

Changes in Loudness Toolkit 2.5

  • Leq(a) loudness measure.
  • ITU-R B.S. 1770-4 support for 7.1 surround.
  • Presets for streaming/web delivery.
  • LRA measurement display update for Tech 3341 v 3.0.
  • Various compatibility updates.

The free version 2.5 update is recommended for all existing users and the demo period has been reset for those wishing to try the software.

The Loundness Toolkit 2 and its plugins are available at a 20% discount through October 2016.

More information: NUGEN Audio