Numerical Audio has released a wave modulator effect for iOS. Combining a built-in oscillator with various means of modulation, RM-1 is a wild but flexible tool for sound design and exploration.

Numerical Audio RM 1

Complete with built-in carrier oscillator, multimode filter, low frequency oscillator and an envelope follower, RM-1 is designed to offer great potential for sound design and experimentation.

Classic Ring Mod effects such as the original Dalek voice known from the iconic Doctor Who TV series can be created. Amplitude, Frequency and Phase Modulation can allow for variations as well as different types of effects.

The built-in multimode filter and modulation sources greatly increase the range of possible effects and allow for interesting combinations such as wah type effects and more.

With the inclusion of MIDI key-tracking, modulation effects can easily be applied to other instruments while keeping everything in tune.

RM-1 comes with a solid standalone application that supports USB, networked as well as Bluetooth MIDI, USB Audio, Audiobus and Interapp-Audio. A AUv3 plugin is included as well.

The app is available from the Apple App Store for $2.99 USD.

More information: Numerical Audio