NUSofting Entity

NUSofting has announced Entity, a new semi-modular software synthesizer, designed and produced in collaboration with Sonic Timeworks’ DSP master.

Entity is a semi-modular architecture, offering a selection of modules you can assemble in various ways to create a wide variety of configurations. With Entity you can combine traditional subtractive synthesis with physical modelling generators.

A huge palette of oscillators is available, and there are 3 X 14 possible filter selections. The matrix gives you masterful control over shaping your sound, letting you connect modulation sources to destinations quickly and easily. To give your audio creations a final shine, you also get a flexible, great-sounding effects section.

Entity for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for an introductory price of $48 USD.

Customers who buy this first release will receive a free update to the full product package in a few months. The update will add more presets, an extensive manual (PDF), and a few aesthetic and functional enhancements, like a new skin (GUI) and more features.

More information: NUSofting