Oblivion Sound Lab has announced the release of a free collection of patches for Togu Audio Line’s U-No-LX emulation of the Juno-160 synthesizer from Roland.

The 106-Factory-A soundset includes 64 patches based in part on Juno-106 Librarian and user-created JU-06 patches.

Sometime between releasing Diva Oblivion and Neon Circuits I picked up TAL’s wonderful U-No-LX synth, and got to know it better by recreating my favourite patches from the Juno-106, the successor to the Juno-60 synthesizer on which U-No-LX is modelled. Of course I couldn’t stop at just a few patches, and the result was 106-Factory-A, an emulation of factory bank A from the Juno-106.

I sent my soundset out into the Internet with little fanfare, and forgot all about it until I discovered it gathering dust on my hard drive recently. Despite some imperfections the set contains many quirky and unique patches, so I’ve spruced it up with cover art and a user guide, and given it a proper home on the Oblivion Sound Lab website.

The 106-Factory-A soundset is a free download. Requires TAL-U-No-LX.

More information: Oblivion Sound Lab