Ocean Swift Synthesis has announced that its Aeolian Meditation package has been updated with an new Aeolian Dream Box device.

Aeolian Dream Box is a special rack version of our Aeolian Meditation, Additive Synthesizer.

Dream Box sacrifices the OSC control feature in favor of a fully polyphonic rack version with a number of additional core improvements & optimizations.

Dream Box comes with 120+ factory presets, can you can craft detailed polyphonic keys, organs and leads or get creative designing dynamically evolving pads, drones and soundscapes by combining sine partials and noise sources.

The bundle of Aeolian Meditation and Aeolian Dream Box is on sale for 35 EUR (regular 50 EUR). Two Dream Box DLC preset packs are on sale for 12 EUR (50% off regular).

The instruments are available in VST and standalone formats for 32/64bit Windows.

More information: Ocean Swift Synthesis