Odo Synths Unknown 64 Pro

Odo has released the final version of Unknown 64 Pro (beta info here).


  • One oscillator synth with 4 waveforms (triangle/pulse/saw/noise)
  • Filter envelope with 3 filter types LP/HP/BP
  • Pitch, pulsewitdh and volume envelopes (each Envelope can be inverted and has 13 different curves)
  • Ringmodulation Osc or a ringmodulation BPM LFO
  • BPM LFO for pulsewidth/cutoff/oscillator pitch
  • 3 big sequencers for creating the real c64 arps and percussion (one for the octave and notes, one only for octaves and one for the waveforms)
  • BPM sync on all sequencers with speeds from 1/16 to 1/128
  • Vibrato/bitcrusher/panner effects
  • MIDI-learn
  • Envelope restart/pickup
  • 128 presets

Odo decided to make the final version donationware. The full version unlocks the controls on Unknown 64 Pro so if you like the way this synth sounds and you want to make your own presets, head on over to Odo’s website and donate some cash!