OnSoundGo OnTime

OnSoundGo has announced OnTime, a plug-in that addresses the problem of coherence and alignment of sound in time.

The first Plug-in in OnSoundGo series. This plug-in compares two signals and tells us if there is any similarity. If so, it shows how much and if this similarity happens in different time, this is, it has a time lag or there is a delay between them, due to sound propagation, for instance.

This plug-in is useful to avoid comb-filtering effects when mixing sources taken with several mics. OnTime shows the difference in time with sample precision in order to be compensated. This way we can reach the next level of excelence in sound technology: Coherent mixing

OnTime is currently available to purchase for Windows (VST) priced at 50 EUR. Mac and PC RTAS is in development.

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