Open Music Labs MICrODEC

Open Music Labs has introduced MICrODEC, a new kit for an open source reprogrammable digital signal processor.

Have you ever been frustrated with the low audio quality you get when doing microcontroller audio stuff? Don’t get me wrong, the 1-bit groovebox has its place, as do all the fun 8-bit nintendo sounds; but what about a nice clean reverb? or sinewave generator? The MICrODEC is 16-bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, and can be anything from a guitar effects box to a nice piece of test equipment. With plenty of ins, outs, and what-have-yous, it can be converted into whatever your heart desires. Run MIDI into it and make a monophonic synthesizer, or use the 6 seconds of sample time to capture found sounds for a pseudo-convolver.

The MICrODEC has a high quality front end which can take microphones, guitars, or line level, and an output stage which can drive headphones (although we recommend the TLC074 opamp upgrade for this). It comes pre-programmed with 16 functions, from reverb and delays, to VCOs and pitch shifters. With the optional laser etched case, it makes a road-worthy addition to any musician’s arsenal.

MICrODEC is available to purchase in a Basic Kit (board w/ smt + through-hole parts) for $129 USD. Additional parts are available from the MICrODEC online store.

More information: Open Music Labs