Orange Tree Samples CoreGuitar: Strawberry

Orange Tree Samples has released CoreGuitar: Strawberry, a guitar sample library which aims to provide you with versatility in terms of tone and articulations.

CoreGuitar: Strawberry has many features which set it apart from other electric guitar sample libraries. Many never-before sampled nuances have been captured, allowing CoreGuitar: Strawberry to attain new heights in realism. While these details are subtle, they all contribute to the perceived realism of the library. Also, when adding distortion to CoreGuitar: Strawberry, these details are greatly magnified.

CoreGuitar: Strawberry features

  • 1.57 GB of 24-bit samples.
  • 2x intelligent round-robin sample cycling for both downstroke and upstroke articulations.
  • Variable pre-pick noises.
  • Whammy bar effects.
  • String resonation.
  • Dynamic vibrato.
  • Custom slides.
  • Intelligent legato.
  • Alternate tunings.

CoreGuitar: Strawberry is available now for an introductory price of $119.95 USD (normally $129.95 USD). Note: Due to the extensive scripting, this sound library is available in Kontakt 2-3 format only.

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