Orchestral Tools has announced the latest update to SINEPlayer, an all-in-one virtual instrument player engine and instrument store designed for seamless DAW integration with the composer workflow in mind.

With version 1.0.6, Orchestral Tools have added AAX Support meaning that Pro Tools users will be able to utilize SINEPlayer for the first time. Additional features include improvements to Mic Merge, a redesigned virtual keyboard, and tweaks to the UI for increased performance and stability.

“With SINEPlayer we have always pushed to take the next steps in sampling technology and build a player that makes composing and producing easier, faster, and more musical,” said Orchestral Tools Founder and CEO Hendrik Shwarzer. “We’re pleased to finally offer Pro Tools users access to SINE as well as a series of improvements to make it even more intuitive to work with than ever before.”

In addition to AAX support, SINEPlayer 1.0.6 includes a number of other improvements for existing users. Mic Merge has now been optimized to make the most of a system’s processing powering, and offers better support for different merge configurations, perfect for Berlin Orchestra Symphonic Strings users.

In addition to this, the virtual keyboard has been redesigned with a clearer color scheme and improved functionality, making it more usable across its entire extended range. Finally a series of UI and performance improvements have been made to the player in order to ensure that it functions even better than before, giving composers and producers complete control of every instrument they need in a digital workflow.

The latest version of SINEPlayer is available to download for Windows and Mac at the Orchestral Tools website.

More information: Orchestral Tools