5Pin Media has announced the release of a new sample pack in collaboration with Mass Digital.

Organic Ethnic House weaves layers of ethnic overtones and strong dreamy atmospheric harmonies and melodies into an immersive 3D tapestry of sound that transports the listener to a place of magical mystique.

Organic Ethnic House features ten projects and additional loops that have been produced with the greatest attention to detail hosting WAV, Apple and MIDI formats for maximum flexibility. In total there are 300 loops, 184 one-shots and 61 MIDI files across the ten projects plus an additional loops folder comprising 45 loops and 10 MIDI files.

For best versatility in use both wet and dry versions of musical parts are provided. Use the projects in whichever way you choose – remix, mashup, strip-back, edit, re-sample, the possibilities are endless at every level – most importantly the key to getting great results lies in the source material being of the highest track release quality from Mass Digital himself.

Priced £19.95 GBP, the 1.25 GB sample pack includes 10 projects with 10 full mixes, 345 loops, 184 one-shots, and 71 MIDI files.

More information: 5Pin Media