Original-Music Electric Guitar Chord Kit V2

Original-Music has released Electric Guitar Chord Kit V2, a guitar chords sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

‘Electric Guitar Chord Kit V2’ comprises of 120+ chords including both up and down strums. ‘Electric Guitar Chord Kit’ plays down strum chords from a guitar on a keyboard. When the keyboard note is released up strum chords are played, recreating a strumming motion.

Play any Major, Minor, Diminished, 7th, 9th Power chords and single notes with both up and down strokes. Implements interval-based legato sampling. Enables you to play all up-and-down chromatic scale steps up to an octave.

Electric Guitar Chord Kit V2 features

  • 429.4 MB library for Kontakt 4+.
  • 120 Chords, Interval-Based Legato Sampling.
  • 12 Guitar Effects & Amps.
  • Real time control over all expressive factors like dynamics, bend direction/speed, bend type, and vibrato.
  • Includes a Kontakt script for playing up & down strum groups.
  • All guitar samples are played by Andy Vickery. “one of the most inventive young guitarists around”. -Total Guitar.
  • Additional programming by Justin Mathews.

Electric Guitar Chord Kit V2 is available to purchase for £44.05 GBP.

Visit Original-Music for more information.