Origins of Audio has announced the release of Inspire Series: Volume 1, a free soundset featuring 10 presets for the Zebra synthesizer by u-he.

Origins of Audio Inspire Series Vol 1 for Zebra

Apart from our commercial libraries such as Zebramatic II and Imperium, but also our 120 free-of-charge soundset Zebramatic, we have decided to launch a new section for you, which will include free sounds, soundsets and samplepacks for you! This series, which will be called Inspire, will be schedule to be updated every two weeks with fresh, new and free soundsets for Zebra 2, Serum and possibly sounds for Kontakt.

So, starting today, we present to you a few extra sounds for U-He’s Zebra 2! Among these 10 free presets you will find 6 dark soundscapes and 4 tempo sync sounds.

The soundset is a free download at Origins of Audio.

More information: Origins of Audio / Inspire Series: Volume 1