Cymbiant by Osiris Synths is a freeware 8 voice polyphonic analog emulation VST instrument for Windows PC.

Cymbiant features

  • Morphable Oscillator 1: Morph between Ramp to Noise, Sine to Saw, Triange to Square, Combo, or Supersaw (Note: Pulsewidth & Sync do not work with Supersaw. Also Supersaw is VERY LOUD in volume and will overwhelm, so turn it down!!)
  • Morphable Oscillator 2: Morph between Ramp to Noise, Sine to Saw, Triangle to Square, or Combination. PW modulation on both oscillators really affect the square’s sound.
  • Phase knobs both oscillators will smoothe the sound. Turned all the way up – no sound at all.
  • Filter: Moog. Bandpass, and combo Moog/Bandpass. Moog Cutoff 35hz to 9000khz, BP Cutoff knob seperate. Q knob the same for both. Keyboard amount : -100% to 100%. Envelope Amount: -100% to 100%, Filter Clip On/Off (interesting clipper can really add some dirt to your sounds).
  • Envelope Generator for Filter & Volume.
  • LFO: Tempo Synced or free from 0.20 hz to 50 hz. Level from -10 to 10. Usual suspect waves & Sample & Hold.
    Modulation Source choose between LFO or Pitch Envelope. Destinations: None, Filter 1 & 2. Pitch, PW, Osc 2 Pitch, Filter Q, Moog Filter only, BP filter only.
  • Chorus and tempo synced arp with Velocity & Transpose choice. If the Wet knob on the Chorus is turned too high it will generate strange artifacts in the sound.

Cymbiant v2.0 is out, check here for details.

 Osiris Cymbiant v2.0 — Download size: 5.19 MB


Older versions of Cymbiant are still available as well.

 Osiris Cymbiant v1.0a — Download size: 1.13 MB

Murky (Michael Kline) has created some patches for Cymbiant. Download the latest version below (updated 22-02-2008).

 Murky’s Cymbiant Patches — Download size: 0.01 MB