Out The Box Studio has launched Out The Box Samples, a collection of sample packs meticulously recorded and processed using the best hardware available.

Out The Box Samples EssentialCollection
Out The Box Samples 606

Out The Box Samples 707

Out The Box Samples 808

Out The Box Samples 909

Out The Box Samples Consequential

Out The Box Samples OurOldChum

Out The Box Samples RX5

Introducing a new class of sample pack, produced to the highest quality by the engineers here at Out The Box Studio during some downtime.

Recorded using a wide range of analog hardware and instruments, these sample packs are designed to add the weight, depth and warmth that many producers feel is lacking when producing “in the box”. The first instalment is a collection of 7 classic Drum machines, meticulously sampled and shaped using:

  • SSL G Series Console
  • Empirical Labs
  • Fatso
  • 1176 Rev D
  • Two Trident 80B EQs
  • Apogee Converters

Three versions of each drum hit are included in each pack, offering producers a choice between medium compression, all in compression, and an effected version with reverb added.

The sample packs are available for purchase starting at £2 GBP. The Essential Collection bundles 7 packs (Heavyweight 808, Peaktime 909, Our Old Chum Linndrum, Consequential Drumtraks, Amateur Drumatix 606, Stairway to 707, RX5 Turbo) for £20 GBP.

More information: Out The Box Studio / Out The Box Samples